About the Artist

Carrieanne Le Bras

I am a French American artist that has drawing for as long as I can remember. I started painting with acrylics but was drawn to lifelike images by using colored pencils. I was fascinated with the complexity of this seemingly simple medium.

I somehow then moved onto pastels, which offers a painterly effect without the inconveniences of washing paint brushes or paint drying too fast/slow. Then I started playing around with oil paints, which is an absolute pleasure! I have no idea which medium I prefer... it depends on the day! I switch back and forth depending on my mood and inspiration.

I was born in Connecticut, raised in Florida, and lived in Montreal for a year and then France for 11 years. I moved near Ithaca, New York only recently and have been enjoying this adventure! I am also a data analyst by day and love working with numbers.

I have three amazing children that are the lights of my life. When I had my art studio in the south of France, they enjoyed coming in to work along side of me. At least, I like to think they enjoyed working with me more than raiding my snack drawer! I hope to open a studio again in New York one day, but until then, I work from my home office and treasure the memories of those days with my little rascals causing havoc in my studio.


My emotions come through my art, so sometimes you'll see work that is bright and cheerful, and others a bit sorrowful. I love what I do and I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it!